Information for Presenter

Individual ORAL PRESENTATIONS will occur via a live Zoom webinar session. Presenters will deliver their talk via a live screen share with opportunities for questions from the delegates.

Please follow the guidelines below specific for the individual oral talks:

  • Presenter must present in ENGLISH with the power-point presentation. The allotted time for oral presentation is 15 min (12 min for presentation and 3 min for Q&A).
  • Presenter should send the Power Point presentation file for being a backup information. Presenter should name a file to “Paper ID-Your name”, and upload your file (.ppt or .pptx or .pdf) at our website ( by 22 August 2023. Please find more information from the “Manual for Uploading power-point presentation”. Download
  • A Zoom link and program for your live presentation will be announced at the conference website ( You MUST use this link to access your session. Unless you are presenting, kindly mute your microphone to minimize distractions for other presenters.
  • Please make sure that your tools for online presentation will be available.
    • Network connections
    • Camera or Webcam
    • Wired USB headset for best quality, if possible
    • Set up your speaking environment in a quiet/secluded area
    • Screen sharing


The success of your online presentation is truly based on your tools. Therefore, we would suggest the presenters who will broadcast the presentation from the overseas countries MUST prepare the pre-recorded presentation with an audio-recording and also upload file at our website ( ) by 22 August 2023. Please find more information from the “Manual for Uploading VDO-record”. Download

If there should be any problems on the live presentation, a pre-recorded video from the presenter will be presented, and the presenter is needed to perform the live Q&A after his/her video presentation.

The audio-recording file must be saved with MPEG-4 Video (.mp4) and names to “Paper ID-Your name”. While recording, the presenter must present by showing your face on the bottom right corner, and make sure your voice record is loud and clear throughout the presentation without music played or any unnecessary noise/disturbances. Please review the guidelines below for the power-point save to video file (.mp4):

  • Open your PowerPoint file.
  • Choose “Slide Show” and then “Record Slide Show” on Tabs.
  • Choose “Start Recording From Beginning” and start your presentation.
  • After recording, press “Save As” and save as type to “MPEG-4 Video”, or press “Export” and choose “Create a Video”
It is recommended that presenters log in for the live Zoom webinar 30 minutes before the start of the session. Right after each presentation ends, there will be a 3 min for online question session.

  • If you can’t remember your password for LOGIN, you can email to and we will reset it for you.
  • Any other issues, please email and we will get back to you.