Innovative Materials Engineering (iME)
  • Topics
    • Applied Materials
    • Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
    • Health Science and Biomedical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
Publication Opportunities: Material science related paper will be submitted to Key Engineering Materials (Proceedings) OR Springer Proceedings in Materials indexed bySCOPUS.

  • Instruction for submission papers to Key Engineering Materials
    According to the criteria of Key Engineering Materials, the authors require to submit their papers at Information on papers submission process is provided below:
    • Please fill in all required fields for registration at at least ONE day before manuscript submission deadline. Otherwise, authors may not receive the username and password for the manuscript submission.
      * Please note that the authors MUST register by 24 June 2023 *
    • Once the registration has been completed, the authors will receive the username and password for manuscript submission by email. Please note that only provided email can be used to submit the manuscript.
    • Please visit and log in with the username and password provided in the email.
    • After login, you can download the template to prepare the manuscript.
    • Select « Upload page » to access menus and instructions for uploading your papers.
    • Select « The 4th Research, Invention, and Innovation Congress (RI2C 2023) »
    • Upload your manuscript both in word and pdf files.
    • When preparing your manuscript, please be sure to follow the template. Please fill out the manuscript Checklist. Also, while submitting the manuscript, be sure to also submit a completed Copyright Form.
    • The paper must be 6 to 7 pages of A4 size in length, including all texts, references, figures and photographs. There will be extra charge for the paper which exceeds 7 pages.
    • If you have any questions about submission, please see the « video guide » in « AUTHOR HOME » page.
    IMPORTANT : It is prohibited for any author to be main-author and/or co-author for more than TWO (2) papers within the framework of Key Engineering Material.
  • Instruction for submission papers to Springer Proceedings in Materials
    • Topics: Composites, Sustainable materials, Manufacturing technologies, Nanomaterials, Eco-friendly materials
    • Paper submission guidelines
      The full paper must be written in English language. Full papers should be original and unpublished research or review in topic areas covered by the iME-RI2C 2023 theme with the length 8-10 pages. The key compositions of the full research papers include 1) Abstract, 2) Introduction, 3) Materials and methods, 4) Results and discussion, 5) Conclusion, 6) Acknowledgement, 7) References.
      Template for Springer Proceedings in Materials
      Word Template
      PDF Template
      Instructions for Proceedings Paper Template
    • Peer review process
      After receiving a submission, the guest editors will check whether the research work presented in the manuscript:
      • The paper must be in the proper proceeding format.
      • The paper must adhere to the page limit specified.
      • The paper must meet at least one of the following criteria:
        • Be of interest to the society’s participants and industry stakeholders;
        • Present new methods or novel application of existing methods, analysis or experimentation with respect to materials;
        • Present improvements in and/or new process, design, or technology on materials;
        • Discuss and provide fresh thoughts on the effects of evolving public and environmental policies on the technologies we address and operate.
      • Must clearly express the paper’s major contribution;
      • Be written in clear and understandable English language.
        All the submitted papers will be subjected to initial screening of similarity through the original version of “iThenticate” software. Papers that have a significant amount of overlap with other papers (>20%) will be automatically rejected.
    • Please submit the paper by sending an email to by 18 August 2023