Virtual Poster Presentation Guidelines
The RI2C 2023 invites all academics to participate to submit Electronic Posters (E-Posters) for virtual poster presentation on the RI2C 2023: Poster Exhibition website. All the e-posters and video presentations will be visible ONLY on the POSTER EXHIBITION tab of the RI2C 2023 website beginning on August 24, 2023. An electronic Certification will be provided by the committee to author(s) after successful poster exhibition of their posters. This guide will help you create and upload your E-Poster presentation.

Download Call for Virtual Poster Presentation

Poster Content
The poster must be in ENGLISH only with a clear visual presentation of the story of your research project. Please make sure that the specific sections (such as the background, methods, results, and conclusions) are easy to locate in the poster. Try to keep the text easy to read and concise. The poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend.

Poster Design
  • Poster must be prepared only ONE page in JPEG format.
  • Size: Final e-poster file size can be up to not exceed 2 MB with an approximate resolution of 72 DPI. Although the posters will not be printed, these sizes impact the scale of your materials. Recommended poster orientation: portrait, 84 cm. wide x 118 cm. high.
  • File format: Poster must be saved and uploaded as a .jpg file only
  • The top of the Poster should display in the following information: RI2C 2023 banner, Title of your research project, Name(s) of the Author(s) and Affiliation(s).
  • Make sure there is enough contrast between the colour of the text and the poster’s background.
  • Illustrations are the most important part of the poster and will attract the most attention. Colourful charts and graphs are the easiest to read. Explanatory illustrations are recommended to use instead of text whenever possible.
Poster Template:
Power point template can be alternatively downloaded from the following information:
Poster Presentation Recording
Create a video to accompany your poster in which you present as if you were at an in-person poster session. Aim to keep your presentation short (5 minutes maximum). The video should be a narration of your findings presented on the poster including: your project goals, main research activities, and what you learned. Please record your video in Full HD (FHD) format and saved as a .mp4 file only. The video file size may not exceed 400 MB. You can review the guidelines below for the power-point save to video file (.mp4):
  • Open your Power Point file.
  • Choose “Slide Show” and then “Record Slide Show” on Tabs.
  • Choose “Start Recording from Beginning” and start your presentation.
  • After recording, press “Save As” and save as type to “MPEG-4 Video”, or press “Export” and choose “Create a Video”
You may choose another recording tools from the following information:
Upload E-Posters and VDO Presentation
Please upload your e-poster file (.jpg) and video file (.mp4) via our Online Paper Submission platform and fill the form about your information before 15 August 2023.